Staff performance is critical for insuring the success of any treatment plan.  We have developed training modules to teach your staff the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis, client supervision, behavioral intervention, program implementation, how to provide instruction, and more! Our trainings are informative interactive, and geared toward adult learners.  We don’t just provide participants the information, we teach them how to perform their jobs using a Behavioral Skills Training approach.


Training, however, is only part of what is required for staff to provide their jobs well.  Good staff performance also requires supervisors who can train and provide timely feedback, and incentive systems to motivate them to do their best.  We have learned that receiving a paycheck is not sufficient motivation for staff to do their jobs.  We can help you develop staff training, supervisor training, and employee motivation systems to maximize your staff’s performance and morale!


We also have programs to teach your supervisory staff how to be good supervisors, and how to create a rewarding workplace.  Staff morale improves when staff members are well trained to do their jobs, have clear expectations, receive timely and helpful feedback, and know that their good work is appreciated.  In addition to providing instruction on how to supervise, we also can help you set up incentive systems to ensure that your staff knows how to perform their jobs, has clear expectations, timely feedback, and that your agency appreciates their good work.


Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize the talents of your workforce, and have staff whose performance you brag—not complain—about!