Behavior Intervention

We provide behavior intervention services to adults in residential, day, and supported work programs.  We specialize in working with people who engage in severe problem behaviors.  We conduct functional behavioral assessments, then use the results to develop effective, ethical, and practical Behavior Support Plans (BSPs).  Our focus is to build prosocial skills and increase the person’s independence, while at the same time ensuring that the problem behaviors do not “payoff” for the client.

Our BCBAs show up and work directly with the consumer and staff to understand why the consumer is acting out, and to develop effective intervention plans.  We understand that happens when our staff is not there ultimately determines whether a plan is successful. Because we can be there only for limited amounts of time, we have to make sure that the BSPs we develop are practical and are implemented.  To do this, we rely on a train-the-trainer model and competence-based staff training, to ensure that home staff receives the necessary training, and that their supervisors have the skills to provide oversight when we are not there.

Our system is based on

  • Behavioral systems analysis
  • Creating a therapeutic environment
  • Hands-on approach
  • Clear communication
  • Individualized Behavior Support Plans
  • Competency-based staff training
  • Train-the-trainer model
  • Clinic Reviews/Meetings
  • Ongoing quality assurance and improvement

Data-based decision making

Contact us to learn how we can help you and your staff provide high quality behavior intervention services that produce measurable improvements for your clients, and give your staff the confidence to implement plans in our absence!

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