We provide training workshops to teach staff a variety of topics including Integrating Behavioral Treatment and Psychotropic Medication, Staff Training, Staff Supervision, How to Teach Clients,


Integrating Behavioral Treatment and Psychotropic Medication

This workshop provides an overview of a system developed to integrate behavior analytic and psychopharmacological interventions based on the Behavioral Diagnostics model developed by Bailey and Pyles (1987).  This model investigates the contributions of medical problems and conditions, behavior-environment relationships, and mental health diagnoses and medication treatments that results in a higher quality of life for people with dual diagnoses.  This approach can help people live free of restrictive behavioral interventions, and provides a framework for empirically establishing the lowest effective dosage of psychotropic medications.


Client Supervision

This workshop teaches staff about what constitutes appropriate supervision, and what level of oversight is needed when, how to provide close supervision, and how to reduce the need for intrusive levels of supervision, such as 1:1 staffing.


Behavioral Consultation

This presentation provides an overview of the behavioral consultation process.  Often, individual case consultation is sought, but the effectiveness of appropriate interventions is limited or impeded because the necessary and sufficient behavioral systems are not in place.  This presentation instructs attendees in the programmatic infrastructure needed to provide effective behavioral intervention.  It also provides attendees with relevant questions to ask in individual case consultations to develop effective, ethical, and practical interventions.  Furthermore, this workshop provides guidelines to assist in setting responsible clinical priorities.


Functional Assessment Protocol

This workshop presents an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), functional assessment, and behavior intervention programming.  Attendees will learn about the different technologies for assessing the functions (causes) of problem behavior, how to stage the assessments and develop hypotheses, and will be exposed to a basic framework for developing interventions from the analysis to produce effective behavior programs.


Selecting Function-Based Behavioral Intervention Procedures

This workshop takes information obtained from functional assessments and Behavioral Diagnostics, and makes recommendations for effective interventions that are indicated, contraindicated, and the limiting conditions of using the various interventions.  This workshop is designed to follow the Functional Assessment Protocol workshop.