Does your company have high turnover, low employee morale, people working unsafely, or doing just enough to keep you off their backs?  Would you like to have a workforce that is motivated, does great work, and is committed to your company and its mission?


Even though a large part of our business involves supporting people with intellectual disabilities, we also work with companies seeking to improve their workers’ performance in both clinical and non-clinical endeavors.  It is a commonly held belief that behavior analytic procedures only work with disabled populations, but nothing could be further from the truth!  The fact of the matter is that our approach is the only one that has been shown to be effective with these populations.  When those approaches are applied to people with normal or above normal intelligence, we achieve even greater results, and their performance skyrockets!


We begin by conducting an assessment of the work and your workforce, determine what the critical component and composite skills are, and assess why people are not working up to their potential.  We assess the systems in place at the Organizational, Process, and Performer levels of your organization to ensure that all your workers’ efforts are directed toward helping create a mission-driven organization.  We then pinpoint work performances that will generate the largest benefit and develop training, feedback, incentive, and quality assurance systems to ensure that your workforce is doing exemplary performance and loves their jobs!


We pinpoint performances so that your staff knows exactly what the expectations are and how to perform their jobs well.  We train your supervisors and administrators to provide feedback and positive reinforcement for worthy performance, and we set up systems to ensure that the improvements continue.  Too managers believe that their staff ‘oughtta wanna’ do their jobs because they receive a paycheck.  The research literature and our experience have shown that such an approach is not enough.  Our Performance Improvement Engineering systems produce measurable changes in performance, improve morale, and give you a more highly motivated workforce!


Our team has years of both academic and practical, real world experience, and has helped improve performance in diverse areas, such as improving billing practices, cleanliness in dental offices, filing paperwork in law offices, rendering billing hours, busing and waiting services in restaurants, and more!


If you would like to have more productive, safer, and more highly motivated people working for you, contact us for information.